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BIAW Return on Industrial Insurance (ROII)

What is Return on Industrial Insurance (ROII) ?

The oldest and largest construction retro group in the state, the Building Industry Association of Washington’s R.O.I.I.® Select program has returned over $500 million in refunds to participating companies since 1982.

  • What is retro?
    • Retro is a safety incentive program with a simple goal: eliminate injuries through improvements in safety and preventive strategies. If an employee is injured, help them get better quicker with a successful return to work experience. Companies that do this, can earn a refund.
  • ROII is there to help with:
    • Outcome based claims assistance
      • Our experienced claim representatives go straight to the source on your behalf. We help L&I make faster decisions so claims close quicker. We keep a pulse on your claim at every juncture until it closes, giving you peace of mind.
    • Safety services
      • The best injury claim is the one that never happens—even a small accident can cost an employer big. This is why we are dedicated to helping you develop and implement effective safety programs and strategies. Prevention is our number one priority.
    • Risk Management
      • Our job is to identify risk and assist you with implementing preventive measures to avoid claims from happening. If a claim does occur, we offer strategies to help control the severity and cost of the injury.
    • Return to work
      • We are committed to providing better outcomes for all parties during the claim process. Our goal is to keep an injured worker engaged in the recovery process and connected with their employer. No claim is ever alike, and it is our ability to be creative with return-to-work strategies that sets us apart.
    • Refunds
      • R.O.I.I.® Select participant refunds are weighted on performance. This means the better you are at preventing injuries and controlling costs, the more you can earn.

For more information visit: https://www.biaw.com/program/roii-select/

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